Data Scientist

Justyna is passionate about big data, starting from data management to modelling and through to writing data analysis reports. She is happiest at work while designing databases, normalizing data or performing data mining activities.  It is very important for her to understand stakeholder requirements, meaning and purpose of collected data while working on projects. Striving for excellence, Justyna constantly participates in big data analysis courses in order to keep abreast of developments in the field. She is proficient in R, Python, SQL and MySQL languages and works with the SAS software, Jupiter notebooks and R studio, phpMyAdmin and MySQL System Software.

Justyna’s background is in life sciences, she completed her BSc in Biology, with specialisation in Bioinformatics, and MSc in Biomedical Laboratory Science at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK. Over the years she has worked for range of pharmaceutical/biotechnological companies. Initially she was responsible for data entry, management and analysis of medical devices and research projects. Over the years, thanks to her data driven mindset, she was also involved in implementing various companies’ Laboratory information management systems (LMS)  combining roles of business analyst, data architect and data scientist.